The Assassin

You handed me a spark

A sparrow’s song in the park

Someone turn those lamps down lower please


With your hands on your knees

You looked me straight in the eye and said “you’re going out where the sun is much brighter”

I’m an ex-gunfighter


Pillow between my ears

Nothing in my head but beer

Eyes blood-shot from an all-nighter


I killed my share of fools

Willing to test their tools

A bottle of whiskey to the newspaper writer

I’m an ex-gunfighter


You said “Stay here ‘til your rooster crows”

But you were more than just a B-girl to me

I knew you thought I was a lead-headed fool

Just a tool to make your rent

But I was in it one-hundred percent for you


Filched your heart like Anglers do

Escaped down chimney flues

I thought my red hand was much slighter


A mouth chock full of chaw

Ears pound, too slow to draw

Someone needs to screw my head on tighter

You shot an ex-gunfighter

©2016 Paul-John Moeller