We danced through a long night of drinks

As distant stars began to bleed into a new day

Had a silly conversation about everything that love is        

And knowing what to let go of is really more important to the heart

And that’s how this all came to start

Distance never healed me more than a laugh with you just before bed

“Marry me a second time” you say to me so cheerfully

You can’t feel with any certainty that things won’t disappear tomorrow

I quietly assure you that it’s just an old piece of sorrow  in the heart 

That’s how this all came to start

Kaleidoscope of butterflies flies in the way

As melting instruments of innocence beginning to play

We’re crumbling like the plaster in this house - falling over with time

Mixing all of yours with mine and casting them out as far as eyes can chart

from the heart 

And that’s how this all came to start